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Kayla & Mike Oliver

When Kayla Oliver first tried THRIVE four years ago, she hid it from her husband, Mike. Kayla had worked for a network marketing company that didn’t turn out to be fruitful. “It was a very scammy company that required you to pay monthly for your account,” she says. “Mike didn’t want me to seek out any more business opportunities.”

But when Kayla saw a post from a friend on Facebook who boasted that she and her team had sold $50,000 worth of THRIVE in one month, her interest was piqued. And when she learned that THRIVE helped women like her achieve more energy, she wanted to try it for herself. “I was the mom who got up in the morning just to get my kids up, and then was napping by afternoon,” says the mother of three.

The friend gave her a three-day sample of the THRIVE Experience, and Mike knew immediately that something was up. “I came home from work and she’d cleaned the whole house, washed, dried and put away the laundry, and had a roast in the oven for dinner,” he says. “I’d never seen anything like it.”

With Mike’s blessing, Kayla hit the Promoter button, and he became one of her first customers. He watched as she hit her 12K VIP rank in her first 30 days as a Promoter, and then he wanted in.

“If you’re working with your spouse, sit down and see where each of your strengths and weaknesses are,” Mike says. “Don’t get caught up in what your roles should be as a husband and wife. Do what makes sense for the business.”

“I said, ‘Okay babe, I want to be a part of this, too!’” Mike remembers.

The two went “all in” as THRIVE Promoters and began working as a tag team: Often, Mike managed the household while Kayla worked the business. “I’m not a social media guru, but Kayla is,” Mike says. “She’s definitely become my role model.”

Eventually, when Kayla hit the 80K rank and Mike earned his Auto Bonus, “I realized we’d hit the big time,” Kayla says. “I told Mike to keep the household running while I locked myself away doing all the things I needed to do to build our business.”

Kayla worked in the trenches with her team every day, participating in three-way chats and helping new Promoters find their way.

Just over two years ago, she hit the 200K rank, while Mike hit his 200K rank in April of this year.

Next up? Both have their sights on the Millionaire Award. “We’re racing to see who gets there first!” says Mike.

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