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Ashley Olson

When Ashley Olson hit the 200K milestone – Le-Vel’s top VIP rank – last April, she was in the middle of the woods, fulfilling her duties with the Army’s National Guard, with barely any electricity and zero cellular service. In fact, she had to wait until she returned to civilization a few days later to confirm she’d achieved the coveted rank.

How did she manage to cross the 200K finish line while in the middle of nowhere? “I’m super grateful for my upline leaders, and my team,” she says. “They knew I had to fulfill my military duties, so they literally helped push my team and me over the finish line.”

If you’d told Olson just a few years earlier that she would have become part of such a supportive, winning team through Le-Vel, “I never would’ve believed it,” she says.

Olson first discovered THRIVE as a full-time member of the Minnesota National Guard in December of 2018. A friend gave her a mini THRIVE Experience, and she tried it on a day when she had to attend a military class for eight hours and then return home to take care of her three sons, who ranged in age from two to nine. “The only way I got through my days during that time was by drinking Red Bull and coffee all day long,” she says.

But as a Day 1 THRIVER, Olson realized she didn’t crave either drink, and she returned home with both the energy and mental capacity to spend quality time with her sons.

On the second day of her THRIVE Experience, “I knew that THRIVE was something that I had to share,” so she immediately became a Promoter and never looked back.

“One thing that really helped me is practicing gratitude each morning and night. Even when you haven’t had a good day, it’s important to stay humble and remember how much you have to be grateful for. It keeps you in the positive.”

Early into her journey, Olson says, she learned how to be a good team member by leaning on her upline for advice and doing the same thing for others on her team.

In the fall of 2019, she left her full-time gig with the National Guard (she continues to fulfill her part-time obligations) and became a full-time THRIVER.

Olson credits all of her success to her team. “I’m proud to be part of a group that cheers each other on, every step of the way,” she says.

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