Promoter Nikki Lewien
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Believe in dreaming bigger

Nikki Lewien fantasized about escaping the Kansas winters for the beaches of Miami. Then, a THRIVE Promoter showed her how to make her dream a reality

In the fall of 2017, Nikki Lewien’s world began to crumble. Lewien, who had been successful working for a direct sales company that sold weight-loss products, suddenly found herself without a job. The company had been having financial difficulties and one day they fired more than 200 of their direct sellers, including Lewien.

She was left with nothing but a final paycheck of $4. “I was scratching my head on what to do next,” she says.

While she was at the company, Lewien had learned many healthy eating strategies that had helped her shed 100 pounds. She took that knowledge and joined a friend’s new direct sales company but she was not impressed with their main product.

Lewien still had the desire to help people live healthier lives but she knew she couldn’t do that with a product she didn’t believe in.

As she mulled her situation over, she noticed two women in her town who were driving Cadillacs wrapped with Le-Vel’s branding and saw they were earning trips as part of the company’s compensation. At the same time, Lewien was driving an old clunker and living in a trailer park while enduring an unhappy marriage.

“I was a lurker for a long time,” says Lewien, who began following the women’s pages on Facebook. One day, she saw one of the Promoters go live from a Lifestyle Getaway, and needed to learn more.

She eventually befriended one of the Promoters and started sharing her weight-loss secrets with her. The woman, in turn, started painting a picture for Lewien about how her life might be as a Promoter.

“Everyone wanted to learn more about the THRIVE Experience.”

The woman explained how easy it was to get behind a product that had helped so many people.

So, Lewien tried not only the THRIVE Experience, but also FORM, the collagen protein gel that helps promote weight management and firm and healthy skin. She was so impressed with the products that she became a Promoter in May of 2018.

The first thing she did was make a post on Facebook showing before and after pictures of someone who had been using FORM. “I had thousands of people following me who had loose skin from weight loss, and my phone exploded,” she says. “Everyone wanted to learn more about the THRIVE Experience.”

The next few years were a whirlwind. Lewien focused on showing people how they could jumpstart their weight-loss journeys by using THRIVE products along with a healthier eating plan.

As her business grew, she became emboldened to dream bigger and make changes in her life. Lewien filed for divorce from her husband and in 2020, she moved to Miami with one of her sons.

She reached her 80K VIP rank and has made it her goal to achieve the 200K milestone this spring.

Now, as she works her business from her balcony in Florida, she acknowledges how much her life has changed. As a reminder, she has a tattoo (along with 30 other members of her team) that includes the colors of the sunrise. “It’s a special reminder that time moves fast, and you’ve got to make the most of it,” she says. “I realize now that when you learn to dream bigger, amazing things start to happen.”

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