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Tired mom Hannah Cress was looking for increased appetite management and more energy. THRIVE has given her that, and so much more

Just over a year ago, Hannah Cress remembers leaving Old Navy in tears. She’d gone to buy a pair of jeans so she could go to watch one of her kids participate in a local rodeo.

Cress, a former college athlete, hadn’t worn jeans since she’d had two children. She pulled out a size 10 to try on but it didn’t fit. So, she tried a size 12. That didn’t fit either. Finally, she reached for a size 14. “It wouldn’t button, and I left crying,” Cress remembers.

That was when her mom told her about the THRIVE Experience.

She said, “Hannah, you need this – it’s going to give you the energy you need and it could help you shed some pounds.”

Cress, a mother of two who estimates she was spending more than $150 at Starbucks each week (“I was downing coffee like it was my job,” she says), figured that buying nutritional supplements each month would be cheaper, and healthier, than using coffee to keep her body going.

Never one to follow a strict diet, though, Cress was worried about sticking to any kind of nutritional regimen. But her mom convinced her to buy a Promoter pack of the THRIVE Experience in February of 2021, and Cress was surprised by how easy it was to use the products.

“By Day 3, I had all of this energy, and I was sleeping much better,” she says. After she took her Premium Lifestyle Capsules, she had fun experimenting with different blender recipes incorporating the Lifestyle Mix. A few days later, she signed up for an exercise class – something she hadn’t had the energy to do in years.

She decided to post about her experience on Facebook, and after cleaning the house, she took a picture of the DFT on her forearm with a mop and vacuum in the background. “I said that I hadn’t had a cup of coffee all day and my whole life was changing,” Cress says.

“By Day 3, I had all of this energy, and I was sleeping much better.”

Soon after that post, “My phone blew up,” she says. Her friends all wanted to know how they could feel as good as she did.

Cress vowed to get serious about Promoting, and she dove into the Le-Vel Cloud Office to watch training videos. She was inspired by a quote from Le-Vel Co-Founder Jason Camper, who said, “Not everyone wakes up wanting to be in network marketing. But everyone wakes up wanting to feel better.”

Cress went to work making a list of everyone she could think of who could benefit from THRIVE.

She reached the 12K VIP rank during her first month as a Promoter. A few months later, she achieved the 40K rank and qualified for her first monthly Auto Elite bonus, so she and her husband shopped for her dream car – a Jeep Gladiator.

In August of 2021, Cress earned her 80K rank and now has her sights set on reaching the 200K rank.
At the same time, she feels healthier than she has felt in years. And while THRIVE has given her the appetite management that she craved, she still happily enjoys a treat with her kids on occasion.

“If I want to have pizza or ice cream with my kids one night, I still go for it,” she says. “I have confidence knowing that’s ok as long as I’m consistent in taking my THRIVE and following healthy habits.”

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